Hello, everyone! I wanted to come on today and talk about this wonderful balm from the company HBF & Co.

Now, HBF stands for head, body, and feet which means that you can literally use this balm anywhere on your body.

For me, in the summer and winter, I am just always dealing with cracked skin.

Now, in the summer, my skin is more dehydrated and in the winter my skin is more dry. My problem areas have always been my hands, my lips, and my feet.

Now, what I love about this balm in particular is that, it is very portable, I can take it with me anywhere at anytime, and I live a very on-the-go lifestyle, so I very much want to make sure that I am pampering myself the way that I deserve to be pampered, but still getting my tasks done at the end of the day.

Now, the texture is wonderful, it’s very soft, it’s very smooth, it’s like butter almost on my body, and look at that, right there.

Can you see how hydrating and nourishing that is? Instantaneously.

So, if you like me and you live a very on-the-go lifestyle, and you need a balm that is hydrating, nourishing, and overall just very rejuvenating, then you need to check out HBF and Co’s multi-purpose balm.

- Hannah

Hi, guys! It’s Brianna here and I wanted to share with you the coolest thing that I've found lately, and that is the HBF & Co multi-purpose balm.

Now, I don’t know about you but when I moisturise my skin I’ve tried so many different products, and when I read the ingredient list, I cannot pronounce any of the ingredients, so I love that this is all-natural, there’s no artificial ingredients, no unnecessary ingredients—and I’ll show you what it looks like on the inside.

Not that sticky, it’s just very smooth on your skin and I love to use it on my lips because I have really chapped lips, but what’s in it is calendula, beeswax, shea butter, sunflower oil, and coconut oil.

There’s no synthetic fragrances or odours. Actually, it smells quite nice. And you put it on your lips and you don’t have to worry about ingesting it, and if you accidentally eat it, it’s safe to eat—you could eat it, I don’t know.

If you’re somebody who struggles finding a good moisturiser like I do, or you just want to, you know, fix the hair—it fixes the dead ends!

It’s made here in England, and I definitely recommend the multi-purpose balm by HBF & Co.

- Brianna

All right, so I have to share this new exciting product with you, it’s called HBF & Co multi-purpose balm, I just discovered it.

Honestly, it’s brilliant. What it is, is this nice moisturising balm, and you take it, you rub it in between your fingers like that. Warm it up a bit and soften it and then I apply it to my lips, I apply it to my elbows, to the bottoms of my feet because they get really dry—I love to take it when I travel because it’s super compact and small—you know, I can take it anywhere.

Basically, I was addicted to petroleum jelly and it started clogging up my pores, it was honestly disgusting, it started to smell really bad.

The thing I love about this is that it doesn’t have a scent, which I find really important because I’m very sensitive to smells, you know.

And my favorite about this is that it’s completely organic, one-hundred percent natural ingredients, beeswax, all kinds of delicious nourishing ingredients—so I can put it on my skin and not have to worry.

- Meranda

Hey, guys. I wanted to tell you about this amazing new skincare product that I’ve been using recently, it’s the multi-purpose balm from HBF & Co.

Basically, what it is, it's an all-purpose, multi-use balm that is super moisturising and it’s really amazing—I love using this pretty much all over my body, mostly on my hands, my elbows, you can use it on split ends.

I’m super busy all the time and I don’t want to deal with having a bunch of products in my bag or going to the store and having to look through all of the aisles—it’s really stressful and overwhelming, so this is an amazing alternative.

I’ve also tried some things like petroleum jelly before, but I learned that’s actually pretty bad for your skin, so I like this because it’s an organic alternative, and it just works and it’s so easy.

So if you need something to moisturise your skin, your hair, anything like that, this is a really great option for you— it’s the multi-purpose balm from HBF & Co.

- Nicolette

Check out this new multi-purpose balm by HBF & Co. This balm pretty much has all-natural organic ingredients that can be used anywhere on your head or your body or your feet.

So for someone like me that has very irritable skin, it’s really hard finding a product that’s all-natural because my skin will pretty much irritate with anything that is not.

So when I found this product, I was very hesitant. I’m don't normally want to try new products but, I found out that it has beeswax, and shea butter, and calendula, and these ingredients make it not only nourishing and replenishing for the skin, but it’s super safe for anywhere that has any kind of skin, like your lips.

So not only does it have that stuff, but it has sunflower oil and coconut oil which makes it even more soft and the texture very easy to put on your skin, and then very light which is “a must”.

So if you’re like me and you’re looking for a balm with all-natural organic ingredients, then check out HBF & Co multi-purpose balm.

- Nicole

Hey, guys! I have to tell you about HBF & Co multi-purpose balm. I got this because I have so many different products that I use every single day. I use face cream, sometimes I use a foot cream— aside from hand lotion, sunscreen all the above, right?

I got this because it’s one jar multi-purpose use, it hydrates all different parts of your body— your head, your body, your feet. I especially like using it on my cuticles. I have very dry nails. And so, this little guy—you apply it and oh my gosh.. I love it! You can immediately feel the hydration, it’s not dry anymore. Can you see that? And I absolutely love it!

It’s in one jar and you can feel how natural it is— it’s so organic, it’s made with different ingredients like shea butter and coconut oils, so you can immediately feel their grand organics and it’s amazing.

This balm is so eco-friendly—I’m saving the environment, I love the earth, and if you guys do too, I highly recommend this balm.

- Lynn

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